The Truth About Antibiotics


The word antibiotic was first used in 1942 but this doesn’t meant that antibiotics were first used then. In fact, it was in 1929 when penicillin was first used – an antibiotic. But this lacked some of the main components to kill bacteria and some of the ingredients that we see in today’s antibiotics.

With advancements of modern medicine, most of the ingredients are now semisynthetic versions of the natural compounds. There are two main categories of antibiotics, bactericidal agents kill bacteria and bacteriostatic agents slowdown of stall bacterial spread.


Alcohol should never be taken with antibiotics unless otherwise specifically stated. Mixing alcohol with antibiotics can cause various side effects and in addition can lessen the benefit of the antibiotic. Please avoid alcohol while taking antibiotics.

Side Effects Of Antibiotics

While antibiotics have their place in the human lifecycle, they do have their issues. Most antibiotics don’t have any side effects for some people but others suffer. Some of the side effects include weight gain (try different ways to lose weight to combat the weight gain), allergic reactions, rashes, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, headaches, abdominal pain, among other side effects. The most important thing to do if you do experience ANY side effect is to see your doctor.


There has been an increase in bacterial strains so there has had to be some changes in antibiotics. There are alternatives:

  • Resisitance-Modifying Agents
  • Vaccines


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  2. Weight Loss Shakes

How To Regain Your Energy After Finishing Taking Antibiotics


Let’s face it, sometimes we get sick and need antibiotics. This can often lead to us being very tired and run down, sometimes even after you finish your prescribed dosage of antibiotic. But there is good news, there are things that we can do to improve our energy levels after taking antibiotics. Here is a list of things that has worked for us in the past and may not work for everyone.

Ease Back In to It

It may be difficult for you to go straight back to daily life after taking antibiotics. Your energy levels will be much lower than before so don’t push it. Ease back in to your daily life and you should be fine.

Walk Daily

If you didn’t already do so, try walking daily for at least 30 minutes. This can greatly improve your energy levels, health, and fitness. All major benefits to getting back on track.

Drink Smoothies Everyday

Try drinking smoothies daily. Just make sure that you are putting in healthy ingredients and not junk. If you want some healthy smoothie recipes, click the link. Your smoothie should be fully loaded of vitamins and minerals that should help you get your energy back.

Vitamin D

Another one that can help really well is vitamin D. Vitamin D is what we get from the sun and definitely helps with energy levels. This can also help in areas with limited sunlight in the winter.

There you have it, you should now be ready to get back and re-join civilization.


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